Embrace warmth and tradition with our hand-knitted wool socks, meticulously crafted by skilled Himalayan knitter women from the serene valleys of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Each pair represents a fusion of artistry and comfort, preserving heritage techniques passed down through generations.


Authentic Himalayan Craftsmanship: Skillfully handcrafted by women artisans, each stitch embodies the rich heritage and expertise of the Himalayan knitting tradition.

Premium Quality Wool: Made from locally sourced, high-quality wool, these socks provide unparalleled warmth and softness, ideal for chilly mountain evenings or everyday comfort.

Unisex Design: Thoughtfully designed to cater to both women and men, ensuring a cozy fit for all sizes.

Durable and Breathable: The wool’s natural properties offer durability while allowing your feet to breathe, keeping them comfortable throughout the day.

Choose from an array of traditional and contemporary patterns and vibrant colors, adding a touch of Himalayan charm to your attire.

Versatile Usage: Perfect for lounging at home, trekking adventures, or complementing your winter wardrobe, these socks are versatile companions for various occasions.

Ethical and Empowering: By supporting these hand-knitters, you contribute to empowering Himalayan women and preserving their traditional craftsmanship.

Care Instructions:
To maintain the quality and softness of these hand-knitted socks, hand wash in cold water and air dry.

Indulge in the warmth and cultural heritage of the Himalayas with these hand-knitted socks. Experience comfort, style, and the satisfaction of supporting local artisanal communities.

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