Warm, nice and super cozy hand knitted socks!

There are combined two types of yarn. One of them is 80% wool and 20 % acrylic.
This combination will make sure to warm up your feet, but also will last a while!

These socks are hand knitted in the Kullu and Lahul & Spiti of Himachal, Small Village’s Women Knitters which belongs to the Himalayas in India.

They are soft, durable and very comfortable and are a versatile fit and will be perfect for U.K. shoe size
6,7 & 8
( 5,9 would also be a possible fit).

Each pair of socks has its own individual design making them completely unique.

We buy these socks from a small Knitters from Remote Villages so they are fair trade and support the network of makers/designers within this specific area of the Himalayas, this helps to continue their tradition and financially contributes to supporting the community.

You can wear these socks in the house in the winter months to keep your feet cozy and warm.

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